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We Are Young by Fun. (Official Parody) - WE ARE DRUNK

We Are Young by Fun. (Official Parody) - WE ARE DRUNK

Download the "We are Drunk" MP3 (FREE): Check out our story on MTV News: Directed by & Starring: Shane Hartline - Song produced by Joel Faviere: Cinematography by: Suzy Q Williams Full Cast: Michael Nikolla, Jacob Reuter, Jerry Fang, Ashley Sutton, Amber Coyle, Joe Lewis (Clown), Angela Mukul, Alyssa Lauren, Peter Murphy, Garrett Bryant, Jutt DaRe, John McGlothlin, More tba BuzzFeed: Follow our Twitter: LIKE our Facebook Page: Check out our Official Website: Buy our "Skittin Across America: Skit-A-Palooza" DVD: Rent "Skittin Across America: Skit-A-Palooza" on YouTube: Tags: We Are Young, Fun, Fun., lets set the world on fire, our name is fun, we are young fun, fun parody, parody, we are young parody, spoof, fun spoof, we are young spoof, we are drunk, we are drunk parody, drunk parody, wooden steel, shane hartline, joel faviere, get scared, ratham stone, snl, saturday night live lonely island, neil, format, glee, lyrics, cover, instrumental, party, remix, dubstep, janelle manoe, balls on fire, puke, shlog, comedy, beer, sketch, pop music, funny, metro station, official parody, official video